HMD Base Zeppelin In da Clouds Space Grey


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A unique look, a range of 5 unique colors, a smooth matte texture of decorative titanium coating. The only one in its class, standing in line with the premium segment of the jewelry and watch market, which use the same PVD coating technologies.

In addition to food approved materials that do not contain impurities that release harmful substances when heated, the innovative solution for air supply to the bowl minimizes the amount of carbon dioxide inhaled, as well as ash particles from coals.
All materials are RoHS certified, whether it is eco-friendly aluminum monolith, AISI 304 stainless steel or heat-resistant silicone. Zeppelin use recycled materials – aluminum, cellulose.

Zeppelin stands for safe materials, high-precision CNC and complex, multi-step handwork. Decorative titanium coating is a premium material used in jewelry, high-end watches and other high-end market products. In this case, this coating is also heat-resistant.

Also Zeppelin minimize the harm caused to the planet by the manufacturing sector. They care about their customers and the planet as a whole. Wherever possible, they use recycled material. Recycled doesn’t mean cheap. Recycled means they deliberately pay more in order to minimize damage.

Color – dark green, matte
Material – aluminum, titanium