Jelly IceCool Lady Killer 300g


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Hookah jellies IceCool have grown in popularity as a less harmful alternative to tobacco. They are produced on the basis of natural glycerin and flavors without the addition of nicotine. Under the influence of temperature, the liquid substance turns into a thick and highly aromatic smoke. Due to the lack of nicotine, IceCool smoking molasses is not addictive. Despite this, it provides a great taste sensation, almost identical to tobacco, and a long burning time.

The producer of IceCool jellies offers a multitude of different flavors, and some of them reflect the most popular flavors of well-known tobacco brands, so everyone will undoubtedly find something for themselves.

Due to its liquid consistency, IceCool jellies are recommended to be used with a phunnel or vortex bowl, which prevents the molasses from flowing into the hookah and glass, thus extending the burning time.

Flavour – melon, mango, strawberry, ice
Weight – 300g

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