Moze Bowl Packing Mat Black


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The advantages of Moze head tree mats:

  • Easy to clean: The head tree mat is made of a washable PVC-silicone mixture. This makes it easy to clean with standard household cleaning products.
  • A lot of space: The Moze head mat offers enough space not only for your shisha head, but also for your building utensils – whether fork, piercer or aluminum foil.
  • Odor resistant: The mat hardly absorbs odors and therefore does not need to be stored separately.
  • High-quality design: The color coordination with the Wavy Sleeves as well as the high-quality surface make the head construction an experience.
  • Anti-Slip Coating: Precision when you need it – the anti-slip coating ensures your mat sticks in place for perfect results.

Colour – black, blue
Length – 30 cm
Width – 21 cm
Height – 4 mm